Times Square

Branding, Art Direction

Times Square gets a bad rap. There’s a disconnect between what New Yorkers stand for and how the area is portrayed. I rebranded the district to shift the perspective from hectic overstimulation to thoughtful engagement, making it a more desirable place for everyone.

There are more sides to Times Square than it seems.

”Brands can embolden and change minds
and help to make a positive impact, at scale.”

–Molly DeWolf Swenson for Adweek
The rebranding launch campaign provides a break from the constant bombardment of disharmonious advertising. Multimedia art and wellness-based activities repurpose the digital ad spaces, creating windows into less stressful environments. Sponsored by socially conscious brands, these takeovers span across the screens, turning the neighborhood into an immersive backdrop.

Below, a series of posters to promote one week’s events.


This rebranding is a conceptual project. Please inquire to view the full brand discovery and strategy.

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